No family to visit or any thing like that. The Cars movie invites me to. We got him a race car bed before the movie came out and now his whole room is cars. Been traveling the Mother Road east from Kingman to Amarillo and have seen a number of the items used in the movie. Sally is so cute Loading I started near Detroit on Michigan Ave.

I do hope there is a second Cars movie. I recognized many of the places and inspirations in the movie, and we stopped at a great many of the places mentioned above. Thanks for the info. Everyone in the world who enjoyed the movie Cars and want to know more about Route 66 must read your excellent and informative article. Braden Henderson — March 20, My grandson Braden, fell in love with cow tipping, how is that done with real cows. Thanks for the memories…..

But there also is a leaning water tower near Groom, Texas, that probably sparked imaginations at Pixar. It was so realistically clear for an animation. Mater alarm clock, Mater rug, original movie poster from the theater in my town, DVD displays from the store when the movie came out….

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Our 6 year old daughter likes it so much, she has asked us to vacation on Route 66 this year. And the similarities between the movie and the real places are just mind blowing! Great job on this project and this blog! Wow this is great it was just i was looking for. Thanks for sharing all of this information with us I think it is neat how you spread the word about the Mother Road and made the characters after real people, and took scenes from all over to make Radiator Springs.

It’s been five years since everything was awesome yahok the citizens are facing a huge new threat: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Thank you for a so good information. I plan to drive the Mother Road in March and am thankful for such a great blog as research! Los paisajes que muestra la caricatura de los cars se ven muy hermosos sobre todo la cascada mi hijo la ve todos los dias por que le gusta mucho me gustaria en un tiempo no muy lejano conoserlo y de igual manera alos personajes reales bueno sigan cuidando a Radiador Springs que siga igual de hermoso.


Just completed a trip down Route 66 from Winslow Arizona to Oatman Arizona and kept the movie cars in mind the entire way. So get out there and discover the Mother Road for yourselves. But i very love Matter.

My name is Nkuebe Lerotholi from Lesotho, jst wana congradulate u guys for a gud movie, it is so real…I really would love to visit route 66 too. I also have a photo of an old garage and tow truck that is like mater. I want to go out on road to see more of 66 someday. We have read about the inspriations for the Pixar film and are awaiting our vacation.

Theres a small town off if route 66 that we stoped at in arizona driving back to va that look just like the movie cars can someone please tell me the name 46638 the town or city Loading And if you make another one make this year please and hope Sally and Lightning have who want refill their dads dream of winnig the piston cup.

A snowplow driver seeks revenge against yqhoo drug dealers he thinks killed his son. My grandkids and I are the biggest fans ages 2,3,5,7,7 and When McQueen drives through a tunnel that resembles the tunnels on the Arroyo Moves Parkway in Los Angeles County not picturedhe encounters a gorgeous waterfall on the 46386 side.

I feel a little like Luigi… more Ferrari, please. But there are plenty of small, friendly restaurants along Route 66 that could have provided ideas to Pixar.

I felt the amazement and yahop of bygone times again. This answered the questions I came with. In March of this year, my fiancee and I traveled Route 66 a long-held dream of mine from Missouri to Flagstaff. We have not yet seen the movie but I appreciate the effort you have put in to making it real. A lot of people told me to skip this and take I It Was about the 5th or 6th time to watch it. With my grandson I wathed this movie moviees he asked my if the towns were really so I showed him your website and he now wants to go and see were Cars was filmed.


Esperamos con mi hijo ansiosos la segunda parte! Based on the Norwegian film ‘In Order of Disappearance’. My brother loves Cars. There is another bypassed route 66 west of Kingman that goes to the classic town of Oatman.

Also featuring a mezzanine level, ask about rentals. Queen,,Mater,,just Mate…these are his favorites cars…. You have just ruined my life by saying Radiator springs is not a real place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again thanks for a spectacular site and its in my favourites.

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I really hope to one day travel the Mother Road and stop at all the little places along the way! Kudos to the creators of this great film! A fictional map, if any can be made or found, that looks as interesting and detailed, yet still in the moviex of the Movie of what Route 66 is like in the movie based off of the inspirations and information.

On that map it shows where Highway 40 intersects with Route I used to live in Dallas,Texas but never new there was a route 66 until i mivies to miami and saw the movie.

In the bonus material, it is said mvoies team behind the film saw a documentary, on towns, bypassed by the interstate highway. It is even greater because of the way the town was made. This is a great site. Queen cares about is winning,fame,fortune, and all the perks that come with it. We named him well.