Just as long as they don’t shoot us down, sir. Is there a problem, First Lieutenant? Gave me a heart attack! Have a good flight. The meatballs are ready. You need to adjust your hand, girl. How is she supposed to fly that enormous plane by herself?

Scorpion solo, wind 10 knots from Onur almost crashed, sir. You haven’t flown solo yet. But he didn’t ask what plane. I’ll be talking to you soon. Did you buy this helmet like this, or did you get it painted?

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I still can’t believe it. Number two, roger that. A story of two brothers anwdolu from each other. It will be a first for me.

I’m going on my first solo flight. What are you doing, how are you? Bull’s eye ,50 miles. The Phoenix’ only goal was to keep the earth and the sky united. Do you know who dies first in wars? Sneak in behind the blue planes. I feel really down. Don’t look as if you don’t kartallarj Just do as I say. And take good care of my car. You heard how a panicking man can make the simplest errors. The chief worked all night just so you could fly for half kartallqri hour. I almost got eliminated, man.


How did we get here? Burcu, Jartallari was assigned an instructor, Captain Kemal. Intense clouds in the area. Come visit if you’re ever in lzmir. They said, “First go blow your nose.

He always acts like this in this house. The lists are up. There are two guys behind you.

You said ‘kite’ and I went on a flight. Did you sell me out, mate?! It’s not just because of Konya, sir. It’s better to shoot a bird in flight than to keep it from flying. You’re off for the weekend. But look at this one. Thank you very much, chief. Your dad is gone, too, I’m all alone.

Otherwise it couldn’t have escaped two missiles and hit the target. What did I do?

We haven’t seen each other in months. Onur is on his way, too.

Anadolu Kartalları – Türk filmi – Anatolian eagle, English subtitles, 2011

He’s just at the beginning. Subtitlees father sent him to work as a shepherd. I’ll come find you later. Come on, there are tons of baklava left.


Why did we nick our fingers that day? No one can understand this better than me! Besides, I don’t wait at their door for autographs. Did you forget how we balled our eyes out?

I have a plane, a plane! The real reason is his mother’s anxiety. Flying exacts a price.

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So who will it be? Doesn’t he know this guy’s situation? Let’s see who’s going to get to fly alone first. You seem to be enjoying this.

I sent a message saying I was coming; you haven’t answered subtitle two whole days. Come on, let’s forget about it. But if you can’t, you won’t fly until you give me the correct answer.