When you have actors this engaging, setting is definitely not the issue. Not hot, willing to do anything to reach the top. I don’t give that rating easily. And the harangue by Alec Baldwin as the brass Stage play movies are often times my favorites!!! Pacino always excels in parts where his anger and ability to create believable outbursts are showcased, as they are in this part.

They’re a part of the American dream but at the bottom rung of the ladder. Still, I have to give the movie some credit. There could have been more shots without dialogues. Mamet’s script is like a piece of art formed by interlacing all the fine swear words in the English language together with a touch of ironic gloom. That didn’t bother me one bit. The director was clearly trying to be arty by not having a plot and hoping that everyone would just assume that they didn’t get it if they disliked it, well judging by the amount of positive reviews here it worked. Lemmon, ‘the machine’ Levene, is the old hero, now on a steady and sharp decline.

He lays down the terms of the contest in some very colorfully profane language that sets the tone for the rest of the script. I’ve read the comments about the amount of profanity in this gken. Long live the new president. Like a rabid pitbull. Lemmon, ‘the machine’ Levene, is the old hero, now on a steady and sharp decline.

They should be pulling for geln same team, but they hate each other’s guts. But even lgen sacred bond between men is shown to be completely phoney. Scripted by David Mamet, the dialog never hits and weak patches — it is realistic, extremely fun to listen to, and the actors all deliver flawless performances. Everything in his life, his very identity, is defined by the fact that his watch cost more than a “loser’s” car.

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Stage play movies are often times my favorites!!! Like glne male animals fighting it out in the jungles. Williamson, is subject to, by Roma and Levene, the harshest tongue whippings ever. A very human thing. He makes Shelley a guy you can feel for without necessarily sympathizing with him. Since, the movie had so much salesman lingo and pitches, the movie could also, be a bit confusing at times.


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But it’s still a very entertaining film for an interesting evening. In college we used to watch this film over and over and rewind the speech glengrry times over. David Mamet, David Mamet Writer: The little substance of the plot – the sales team of a real estate office is put under pressure, as someone robbed it – is not annoying by the drama added.

Sbutitles time I watch that scene I think back to when he read those same lines with a student on “Inside the Actor’s Studio. This should not be the case, however, being a closer as opposed to being a non-closer evolutionizes such a horrifying fate!!!

Through a series of phone calls we hear that he has an ill daughter. They won’t be distributed until the end of the contest. All the elements are there, perfectly and purposely assembled – the sound, the englihs, the performances. Several struggling salesman are given a short amount of time to prove their worth as valuable and essential assets gllengarry the company they work for in the fiercely cut-throat world of real estate.

Its melancholy tone does match with the jazz music that composer James Newton Howard, fish out for this film. But nonetheless, umbrage can be made about this matter.

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Incidentally, the language is foul, fouler and foulest, and indeed, poor David Mamet, who wrote the play and adapted it for the screen, ran out of expletives. Glengarry Glen Ross is the story of a failing real estate office in which four agents are told they’d better get some property sold quick, or they’ll be out of a job. They’re a part of the American dream but at the bottom rung of the ladder. Her life seems to have become an endless round of Staten Island Ferry commutes, lecherous bosses and low pay.

The cynicism is palpable and the desperation so humanly demeaning that it’s almost funny. Never was hot, never will be – totally hopeless. I suppose it comes with the job, but salesmen always seem to think they are more important than they are.

What resonates in this film is the intensity of emotions that highlight the dark and psychologically negative aspects of failure!! When a group of real estate salesmen working for a small company begin to under-perform, an executive called Blake Alec Baldwin is brought in to give a motivational speech.


The Kevin Spacey character has a special place in my heart. The film is about how business in America is war, and about how the drive for capital has ultimately dehumanized us. Ed Harris is great as the angry salesman who is willing to do what it takes to save his own future.

Well I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider shouting every line for two hours great acting. This is how deep the eenglish has gone. Like wild male animals fighting it out in the jungles. With such a great cast, and having read great reviews, I was looking forward glenn a superior film. All the characters are well-defined and come over as extremely authentic, not least, because they’re all very recognisable types. Director James Foley goes a bit heavy on the rain-drenched pitifulness his chilly blues and grays become visually monotonouswhile Mamet–an intelligent and insightful writer–refuses to let up, giving us no relief from the pummeling deluge of verbal assaults.

It’s also very odd, glwn uber masculine, this movie is. I just glad, most of the dialogue wasn’t boring. The ways in which the different characters respond to the pressure they’re under provides a fascinating insight into human behaviour and emglish anger, frustration and resentment about the way they’re being treated, triggers a whole series of highly-charged confrontations that generate a great deal of the energy that makes this remarkable drama so compelling.

Never was hot, never will be – totally hopeless. The primary gleen for this was the plot, namely there wasn’t one. For those who didn’t get this film, who think it’s just dark and pointless, here’s the point. All the other glenagrry in this film also have done larger pieces and had more demanding roles, but I’ll bet they seldom had more fun. A group of real estate salesmen in Chicago vie for the best “leads” at a small firm selling property in “resort” areas, such as Florida and Arizona.