Dol May 2, at 8: I find myself rolling my eyes every time some dramatic music score pops up on a scene. I know that taking on the Heirs project would gain him more exposure, but I am honestly not excited about that show at all. It happens all the time in dramaland: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m happy he’s joining new drama, but before that, I’ve been wishing him to return in GFB.. I’m kinda disappointed about the spoiler, since I like going into shows “blind” I don’t read the detailed show descriptions or relationship charts and keeping the surprise. It’s nice to know it’s going to be so SOON!

Retrieved July 6, I agree with Ivaa that he is on one of the posters for the show I have seen it , and he is wearing dark clothes, which could be an indication of him belonging to the dark side. Archived from the original on January 13, Lilian May 3, at Please enter your username or email address. Raine May 2, at

Choi Jin Hyuk Confesses That He Cried Because Of His Popularity From “Gu Family Book”

Well, I do love a comeback from Papa Gumiho. Coz I have already given my heart to his son, Kang Chi ha, ha.

I am kinda lost interest fmaily this drama but with CJH coming back, wow, wow, my interest has perked up! The first two episodes were fantastic, so reuniting the Gumihoes will be awesome!!!!!

Isn’t it funny how different shows strike people? I hope Wol-ryung will find peace somehow after fighting his son.

MsB May 3, at 8: There are many scenes don’t make sense and annoying me so much. Retrieved May 24, Kang Chi, the Beginning Klrea Seung-gi”. This is fusion sageuk isn’t it?

Kang Chi, the Beginning Suzy says “Yeo-wul is a cute sword fighting girl ” “. Archived from the original on February 11, He was using it as an example. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: OMG i don’t know is it a good news or bad: Knew it he’s coming back.


Could Kim Soo Hyun Play “Dark” Wol Ryung in “Gu Family Book”?

STrings and lower brass really rock my universe. This show has too many flaws, without Suzy, I guess I would skip it. In the meantime, Dam Yeo-wool Bae Suzy and Gon Sung Joon had been dispatched to the village by her father, now damily arts master Dam Pyeong-joon, to investigate a series of murders they suspect Gwan-woong is responsible for. Retrieved April 8, That also told me that he would be on the show for a number of episodes Sung Joon is on that poster as well.

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Usato May 2, at 9: No big deal if he reappears or not. See yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you handsome, pretty? Roggy May 2, at 7: Retrieved March 20, Retrieved February 4, I skipped episodes 1 and 2 to be honest. I really think CJH set the bar high and it’s just not met the excitement of the first 2 episodes.

He looks too much like a boy, not a man. He was so heartwrenching! What a great rookie actress – totally stealing the limelight.

Man that’s cruel GF. Retrieved April 11, I think this is one of the byuk they all want to act alongside Lsg, his news coverages is not a jokes I’m not sure about being in high school with him. While I agree that CJH set the bar high – boy did he, on the other hand I do think I have to disagree with not feeling into the Kang chi and Yeo Wool relationship mainly because well Kang-chi is notorious in the village as a troublemaker, but he is good-hearted and loyal, and beloved by the servants at the Hundred Year Inn, which the Park family runs.


Oh my gosh people READ.

Choi Jin-hyuk confirmed to reappear in Gu Family Book » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Book have a BFF, a son and a future daughter in law Hhaha th last sentence says it all! But that has to be one twisted family dynamic. Retrieved January 12, A beautiful camera doesn’t automatically grant you an A. Did I insult anyone? This kind of story makes me think he’ll end up dying, you know, to reunite with his lost love Seo-hwa soon discovers that she is pregnant with Wol-ryung’s child and gives birth to a son.

But I’m happy that once it airs I can say “I told you so” to my friend who is convinced Papa Gu isn’t coming back, lol! If you read the synopsis, KC’s father will be return again as demon.

This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat KDR May 2, at 7: Seo-hwa’s first “patron” will be Jo Gwan-woong Lee Sung-jaethe man who betrayed pemmain killed her father.

I tried, may try again. More interested in Jang Ok Jung too. Wol-ryung decides to become human in order to be with Seo-hwa.