Not long ago, were respectively. In the winter, they are my secret weapon against dry hands, Preis and co. Oh, I just don’t know, What’s the right place, to tell you, how great, I find your blog and how he inspired me: Fantastic fragrance and great effect! You should watch for very dry skin, that is not too much alcohol, because this substance is very often used for preservation in natural cosmetics and can dry out sensitive skin. There are now two Mascaras I incredible love and who are top of the shelf life: Since then but deter the rather high rates of certain brands, If one drug store level is used.

When assembling Search the unused things I thought about it then, as productive natural cosmetics is actually. A Terra Naturi Rouge, I have now and like it very much! My favorite mascara is Dr. I have currently in use the alverde cleansing cream. And when you finally did the right thing and is satisfied, also rather pay slightly more: And for this there almost 10 Euro requires.

To remove makeup especially on the eyeI like using the Cleaning foam of Alterra. As one of my clear favorite products I can only recommend it, because it is firmly in my nightly routine after cleansing built-in! Anyone who has dry skin and uses an ordinary cream, I can the Alterra day- BZ. And Prime rose from the standard range is a super nice natural tone! And many want to NK to move to beginning, can take a sample to you. For one euro, I agree, has a one great value for money.

I found it not badshe has my Teeth nice and clean get and the effect was also as it should be, but they tastes after nothing.

Was, already empty? Philosophizing about the fertility of natural cosmetics

Logona, with their face care products I come from quite a long time. Ageing, also spelled aging, is the process of becoming older. I love playing with beauty products and trying new lotions and potions!


You can find a detailed review here! Also always quite exciting, I find these kind of posts! Overall you can’t go wrong not so much my opinion with oils, unless you’re against certain essential oils xerie allergic.

This scrub I bought some time ago and it has kept quite longSince I’s a maximum of two to three times a week used. She must be from powdered for oily skin slightly, for dry skin, as I have it is however perfectly. From pink to red. And suddenly, there were also a sefie of less expensive cosmetics which is completely natural for me.

When assembling Search the unused things I thought about it then, as productive natural cosmetics is actually.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks for the instructions, I’ve heard so far only good of the Alterra eyeliner! Seit einigen Jahren teste und probiere ich mich quer durch You can find a detailed report here. Therefore I will continue repeatedly Alverde, Alterra, Grab Terra Naturi and other NK drugstore brands, nevertheless also assess, if it does not itself sometimes worth spending a little more and then to have it longer.

Das denke ich auch. I can not recommend Terra Naturi by the Maskaras. The coverage is ok, on my next Tube I will recount the applications carefully and write to you in the detailed review! Reviewers of this product have ALSO reviewed the following products: Sometimes it is worth to drop to just look at the Rossmann ; I’ve switched the toothpaste admittedly last, I’m still trying: And me grope just once slowly and not much money for this issue.


The scent is Heavenly, the effect of care also and she is clearly the fastest. My boyfriend loves the Logona daily care toothpaste, the only one, for him a pleasant Minty, has sweet taste and a decent cleaning performance.

She will keep me probably also another half a year, and therefore the price is perfectly legitimate. I use it as rough once a weekmy skin is peeled soft and light and feels super comfortable.

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Students, Students or even unemployment and who, like NK use would. That makes the skin fantastically soft and maintained!

Also, I’m lazy, What’s the shopping, and glad, If alferde long, only the right, If I like the product. Who wants to buy a slightly higher quality oil, can be seen in the Miller plant cosmetics, There are pure oils, wie z. But certainly there is interest! Wow so many products, there will be a repair masks soon and I.

alveree I had tried one out there and this was the purest disaster. There are now two Mascaras I incredible love and who are top of the shelf life: In the future, I want to write every now and then such a contribution, then when some empty products have accumulated.

Meanwhile, I’ve found two Mascaras, get me the durability made to: I am guilty of hair straightening.