Word Association 2 3 minutes ago. D Well, hardcore fangirl, I guess all 3 of them. Top Actors Add New Person. Win a Japanese Snack box today! Kisaragi Masaki Main Role. Kujo Kazuma Support Role.

Rename the ‘Stalker’s Guide’ Articles 3 minutes ago. Ikemen Desu Ne 0. June 25, Age: Fuyu no Sakura 0. But not to buy now! Araki Gota Main Role. Ill see what they can do for me.

Fujishiro Shuu Main Role. I bought the bag and the cell phone strap. Mitsu no Aji 0. Word Association 2 3 minutes ago.

Taisuke Fujigaya

Love Song in August 0. Resident – 5-nin no Kenshui 0.

Like Shooting Stars in the Twilight: There was rumour abt FujiTV airing it some time ago. June 25, Age: Or did I get the wrong info? Remakes, a trend that seems will never disappear. Sakura Kara No Tegami 0. Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu 0. Last Drama You Completed? I only have a few magazines and dream boys goods. jaapnese



Hana no Zubora Meshi 0. Love Stories From Fukuoka 7 0.

D Also, I sent you a PM about the twitter thingy. Usually it will take about 3 months after the ending of one drama to release the full set DVD: I would love to be able to watch it with fansubs some day D Thanks soooo much for your help.

Kisaragi Masaki Main Role. Kurumi no Heya 0. Araki Gota Main Role.

Jzpanese – Hanzai Shinri Sousa 0. Top Actors Add New Person. It would be the first dvd box for me. Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi 0.

Those gifs you made are so nice! I’m asking about the DVD set of the full drama: Naoki Segment 2 Main Role. Kaseifu no Mita 0.

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Oh, that means saving the christmas money. Fuyu no Sakura 0. Satou Shin Support Role. Ouran High School Host Club 0. Ten no Hakobune 0. Saijo no Meii 0. I gave up on that.


Kiriyama Akito

Barairo no Seisen 0. I would have wanted to buy pictures as well but the person whom I got it from didnt offer them. Can you suggest for me mapanese i can buy it? Hide ads with VIP. Kujo Kazuma Support Role. DVD box is yet to be released. D Well, hardcore fangirl, I guess all 3 of them. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

Good Life – Arigatou, Papa. Enomoto Kotaro Support Role. Kare wa, Imouto no Koibito 0. Maybe next year I hope! Hide ads with VIP. Zouka no Mitsu jappanese.